About our Practice

We are well-trained, experienced, board certified physicians who are willing to take care of you. It is estimated that there will soon be a shortage of 90,000 physicians, so unless you are connected with a good primary care physician, you might find it hard to find one when you need medical care.

We work for YOU:
We have decided not to enroll in any health plan or Accountable Care Organization under ObamaCare. We are not willing to be second-guessed by a government agent or secretary who is reading from a list on her computer. They claim to be trying to save money, but they do not know us, the physicians or you, the patient. When we need to call for “pre-authorization,” it is because someone thinks we may be ordering an unnecessary test. In the end, they always agree with us, but this wastes valuable time we would rather be spending with our patients.

We believe in patient privacy:
We have decided not to get involved in the copious government reporting of what we consider personal and private medical records. We respect the privacy of the medical records of our patients. The government really wants access to your medical records, but we worry that they might start telling us what we can and cannot do for you— even if you are paying for your own care. This does not represent the freedom that we have enjoyed in this country until now, and we will use “principled resistance” to just say no. The patient-physician relationship needs to be private— just between you and your doctor.

Good medical care takes time. We ask about your family and past medical history. We promise we will not divulge private information that might make you afraid to be honest with us. You can never tell what might be very important in helping us help you and do not want to miss something subtle. We will order tests and prescribe medications or therapy. If necessary, we will refer you to a specialist that we would trust with our own family members.

You will see a DOCTOR:
If you come to our office, we will personally see you. We do not employ nurse practitioners or physicians assistants. Common diseases occur commonly, but if you have something that is more unusual, it is important that your doctor know about the other diagnoses what you might have. Each of us have had 7 years of medical school and residency and over 20 years of experience.

Our fees are reasonable:
We know that under ObamaCare, you will be required to purchase health insurance. If you cannot afford it, you will be placed into Medicaid, the government program for the poor. You will have great difficulty finding a physician, so we would like to make a deal with you. If you are willing to pay us directly— with cash, check or credit card, we will do my best to treat you at the lowest cost possible. We know how to do this, as we know which medications are low-cost generics and work as well as the high priced brand names. We can direct you to the lower cost radiology groups if you need x-rays or ultrasounds. Sometimes, if you have insurance, all of these are covered, so you will only need to pay for the office visit. And if you can afford to get your car serviced or a cell-phone, you can afford to see us . Our fees are very reasonable since we do not need to hire many people to deal with insurance companies.

The best insurance is low-cost high-deductible insurance:
We believe that insurance should be reserved for the major medical events. We will do everything we can to keep you out of the hospital so that you will not need to make claims under that insurance. But this is what we believe insurance should be— something reserved for the major medical events, not the routine.

Faith based health sharing ministries:
Another excellent choice to cover the catastrophic, would be enrolling into one of the faith-based health care ministries. These cost significantly less than insurance.

They are

So here is the deal. If you will just pay us a fair fee directly, we promise to treat you like family— to keep up with the latest developments in medicine and use our training and experience to care for you as best we can. One of us will always be available to care for you when you need us. The key is, We will be YOUR doctor, not a doctor who works for a plan or the government. We promise to work and advocate for YOU, and look forward to a long relationship with you.