Drs. John & Alieta Eck, M.D.

We began in 1988 and have been serving families while we raised ours. Drs. John and Alieta Eck both graduated from the Rutgers College of Pharmacy and St. Louis University School of Medicine. John did three years of a general surgery residency at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and then completed three years of a residency in Family Medicine at St. Peter’s University Hospital.

Before beginning our practice, John worked as a “house surgeon” at Somerset Medical Center, where he assisted on all kinds of major medical cases. This gave him an excellent perspective on any condition requiring surgery. He does minor surgical cases in the office such as removing moles for biopsy and repairing lacerations. He also does sigmoidoscopy exams in the office with a scope that reaches half-way through the colon. This exam along with a barium enema is a less costly way to screen for colon cancer as a full colonoscopy.

Alieta did a residency in Internal Medicine, where she focused on the outpatient workup and treatment of most medical conditions. She also became proficient in doing gynecologic exams and does yearly PAP smears.